Annoying people on Instagram in 2022

Annoying people on Instagram in 2022

There are very few people in this century who do not know about social media. Nothing new to say about it. It is basically a digital media of social communication. In another word, New digital members in the family.

Basically during the covid 19 lockdown, the use of social media has increased a lot.
Among several popular social media platforms Instagram also one of the popular one. Which is another member of the popular platform Facebook (Meta) family.
The platform mainly focuses on visual content.

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    Let’s take a look at the Instagram statics.
  • Instagram monthly active users: 1 billion monthly active users access the Instagram app globally.
  • Instagram daily active users: 500 million daily active users access the Instagram app globally.
  • Instagram is ranked as the 4th most popular social network by number of users. In front are Facebook 2.85b, YouTube 2.29b and WhatsApp 1.6b.
  • 9.5% or 95 million Instagram users could be fake bots according to a Ghost Data report.
  • Instagram is most popular in India, with 180 million users, followed by the United States (170 million), Brazil (110 million), Indonesia (93 million), and Russia (61 million).

We know that there is no delay with fame and among its billion users there are also several annoying users and our today’s article is mainly about

annoying people on Instagram

in 2022.
This article was taken from ‘Espresso Communication’-A multidisciplinary communications agency and the article was written by ‘Sarah Walker’.

The most annoying people on Instagram The most annoying people on Instagram
Social media is supposed to be a fun and happy-feeling space, but as of late we’ve noticed a lot of people popping up in Instagram’s Discover feed that we’d personally block or banish. From the serial poster to the “look at me” dude and diva, we’ve rounded up 15 of the most annoying types currently using the platform.

The Follow for Follower The Follow for Follower
We understand that follower count is attractive to some brands (though engagement is much more valuable), but those people who scour social media and comment “follow for follow” on any and all posts are annoying. Why would someone want to follow a person that’s a complete stranger and who is just in it for popularity? No thank you!

The Copycat The Copycat
Oscar Wilde once said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but on social media it’s pretty gross behaviour. Why steal someone’s work? It’s not like the thievery will go unnoticed. Even mega influencers have been caught copying the work of smaller ones to get ahead. If you’re going to showcase the creative assets of someone else, at least give them credit when credit is due.

The Philosopher The Philosopher
It’s fine to post an insightful quote or two every once in a while… something that speaks to who you are as a person and how you view the world. But those people who spend their every waking moment reposting banal quotes about life and love? The constant content comes off as cliché.

The Faker The Faker
Everyone has been followed by “someone” who has 3,000 followers, six posts, and a random bio (think dollar signs and a few emojis). These individuals, or perhaps they’re just bots, take up brain space unnecessarily and clutter feeds. Block, never follow, and delete immediately.

The Vanity King or Queen The Vanity King or Queen
We get it. You’re buff. In a bathing suit. Living life in a fancy location. But flaunting your perfectly Photoshopped and manicured bod day in and day out isn’t interesting… it’s boring and it’s probably harming our mental health.

The Throwback Lover #tbt The Throwback Lover #tbt
Throwbacks are fun… every so often. That’s why Throwback Thursday was initially invented. But why make your entire feed about the flashback? Content is meant to be shared real-time to generate conversations about what’s happening now, not about the date you went on 15 years ago or the meal you had last Monday. Live in the moment!

The Toxic Positivity King or Queen he Toxic Positivity King or Queen
Toxic positivity is, well, toxic, which is clearly news to some Instagram users who wax on about how they live their best life, push sadness and hard feelings away, and embrace every day like Snow White hanging out with forest creatures and dwarves. Hard pass.

The #Fitspo “Icon” The #Fitspo “Icon”
Hey, we get it, you work out. But we, and a whole bunch of other people, don’t find your content inspiring. Let us see something beyond your squats and stats or take a hike from our social media space.

The Insta “Star” The most annoying people on Instagram
Everyone has that person in their feed who has somehow amassed 10,000 followers without posting anything creative. Their feed is full of selfies with captions about their luxurious “look at me” life and their followers are mostly bots or The Follow for Follower. Why this person has Insta-fame is beyond comprehension.

The Like/Unliker The Like/Unliker
We’re not sure if this person is trying to get our attention, but the act of liking and unliking accounts over the span of a week boggles the mind. If someone hasn’t followed you back or engaged with any of your content after you first reach out, it means they’re not into you… please move on.

The Salesperson The Salesperson
There’s one thing we want to say to those folks who make Instagram their platform for multi-level marketing: please stop. You realize the makeup products you’re selling are likely part of a pyramid scheme, right? Watch the Amazon Prime docuseries LuLaRich if you think the work you’re doing is legit. We don’t want to be peddled to 24/7. Please take your business elsewhere.

The Perfect Parent The Perfect Parent
Let’s get one thing straight: no one is the perfect parent. To those people who constantly share staged, glowing images of their kiddos with captions about how amazing they are… no one believes you. Child-rearing is hard. Parenting is difficult. Get real with your content.

The Constant Poster The Constant Poster
You have to wonder why someone shares content umpteen times a day. Do they want attention? Do they think their trip to the grocery store is valuable or meaningful? Are they lonely? Sharing something one or two times a day is fine, but when the constant poster’s content is all we see in our feed, it compels us to unfollow.

The Juicer The Juicer
We get it. You like to drink green smoothies. We do, too, but we also like to eat real food. Can you give us something else to sink our teeth into?

The Generalist The Generalist
There is literally no point in leaving comments like “great!” or “insert emoji here” or “nice!” It’s obvious the person engaging hasn’t read a word of the post they’re commenting on. It’s also clear they don’t care about genuine, authentic engagement. They’re a binge commenter and they’re clogging up our feed.

Ultimately everything has its pros and cons social media in no exception. so we might as well adapt and be careful not to be annoying to be anyone. if you like the article, please share it with your friends. Thank you
-Mamun Chowdhury

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