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Our HR Management software delivers you, your managers, and your employees a single place to manage all your payroll, benefits, compliance, and more all online / offline.

The human resources department’s function involves tracking employee histories, skills, abilities, salaries, and accomplishments. Replacing specific processes with multiple levels of HRMS systems / HR Management software can issue information management responsibilities so that the bulk of data gathering is not delegated strictly to HR. By allowing employees to update individual information and perform other tasks, data is kept more accurate.

Each module performs a separate role within the HRMS / HR Management software that helps with information gathering or tracking. Hiring is taken out through the recruitment and onboarding module, and employee performance took out through the performance evaluation and management module, and so on.

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Package start from 50,000tk
include with max 5 Pages
1 Year Free Domain Name* (check your desier domain name if its still avilable)only required for online POS
Control Panel to Manage Contents
*unlimited employee can be added

These HRMS / HR Management software modules can assist with:
Managing payroll.
Logo Design.
Gathering, storing, and accessing employee information.
Recruitment and onboarding.
Keeping attendance records and tracking absenteeism.
Performance evaluation.
Benefits administration.
Social Media Integration.
Employee self-service.
Employee scheduling.
Analytics and informed decision making.
*Free domain with Hosting Package. (Dont forget to read the guide here regarding choosing right Domain name and Hosting package that sutes you and your business)only required for online POS

1st Training: 5000tk (2 hours max).
2nd Training: 2500 taka / per hour

Payment Procedure:
70% advance payment for HR Management software.
30% due payment within three days after complete the full project.
The client must provide all content with the work order.

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