Offering a 10% discount this month and 20% for students


Eid offer Vertigo Sourcing offering a 10% discount on all website design and development projects
Student Discounts 20%

Benefits :

1. Optimised for all devices and the best possible placement on Google.

2. With no additional effort, your online shop/sites are optimized for display on mobile devices such as tablets and

3. The so-called ‘responsive design’ automatically adapts the layout of your website to suit all screens, meaning
users can view a perfect site on all devices.

4. Websites with responsive design layouts are also rewarded with a better search engine placement on Google.
offering a 10% discount this month and 20% for students

5. Free SSL certificate

6. Free logo and media content

Since the majority of people have access to the internet, whether it’s on their laptop or mobile
devices, having an appealing website is one of the most important aspects of a corporate marketing plan.
The first thing people will do when they find out about your company is the search for it online and
this brings up some important points.

First of all, they need to be able to find your website which brings up Search
Engine Optimisation (SEO).

This relates to the position that you will appear on a websites search engine results. Without proper SEO your
company will have less chance of appearing on the first page of results.

Do you know that 75% of users never make it to the 2nd page of search results? That shows how
important it is to ensure that your company appears as close to the top as possible. There is no way to bypass this
system since the code is constantly updated by the search engines programmers.

ITQ have our methods of giving your site the best chances of being presented to the user/potential customer within
the top range of results. Although SEO is important, it won’t make much difference if the site they reach doesn’t
make them want to stay very long which brings us to the next point.

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There are millions of charities in the world, and with so many worthy causes, Charity is possible in various
forms. We are VertigoSourcing, decided to donate 13 thousand dollars (1million taka) to non-profitable
organizations. As a part of this scheme, we are going to build 60 websites for free of cost.

There are thousands and thousands of charitable organizations all around the globe. We’ll help those organizations
to reach a bigger audience, inspire more people to support their cause, and raise more money.
Contact as soon as possible to get your free website design.

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