Bangladeshi Student union

BSU stands for Bangladeshi Students Union.UK is a non-profitable organization that started its journey in 2008 in the form of a small group comprising of a few members. During that time it was under a different name but in 2009 it was named BSU. BSU has been established with the motive of providing support to all the Bangladeshi students in the United Kingdom as well as the people of the country back home.

BSU presently has a pool of 1500 registered members most of who are studying in London and aims to increase its span of members to 20,000 within the next six months.It is indeed an issue of concern that the number of international students in UK currently stands at 0.5 million. Among these the number of Bangladeshi students stands at approximately 50,000. Even though it is a matter of great privilege for us that so many Bangladeshi students are getting quality education abroad there are also other factors which hinder the moving ahead of these students. Most of them experience culture shock and face language difficulties which act as barriers in effective communication.

Moreover these students also face problems with certain aspects of immigration laws such as visa extension, switching to post study work visa etc. Many of the students also face other problems such as getting placement for work or accommodation. BSU will strive to aid students in any of their needs. Moreover BSU also aims to help the people of Bangladesh back home in times of their need such as natural calamities, epidemics, famines etc.With this view in mind BSU is starting its journey afresh. We request all our well-wishers ad our members to stand by beside us and extend their support in all our activities to the maximum extent possible.

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