Point of sale

POS (Point of sale) SOFTWARE

Calculates the sum owed by the customer, indicates the amount, prepares an invoice for the customer, shows the options for the customer to make the payment, and audit the Sells report.

Give the voucher to customers in a way they prefer: printed or sent to an email.

Whether it’s cash or card, combined or not, or any combination of them, you will choose.

Create, save, and edit orders. Customers can pay when it’s convenient.

Apply discounts to the voucher or specific items.

Refund the elected item or all items on the voucher.

Summarize the list of items, simplifying their creation and control. Useful if some products come in various versions like different sizes or colors.

Track your cash flow to reduce mistakes and staff manipulation.

You Can scan barcodes on items during a sale with a built-in rear camera of your mobile device.

Make sales with weak or unstable internet. All data automatically sync once the connection restore.

Manage various stores under one account. Track your sales, inventory, workers, and clients everything you need to know in one place.

Use the dark theme in the low ambient light conditions to reduce eyestrain.

You can also try our Dynamic web design package if you are not ready yet for the POS (Point of sale) SOFTWARE.
Dont forget to check our e-commerce package also.

Package start from 50,000tk
include with max 5 Pages
1 Year Free Domain Name* (check your desier domain name if its still avilable)only required for online POS
Control Panel to Manage Contents
unlimited products can be added

All our package includes:
Google Map Integration.
Logo Design.
Live chat Option.
Standard Contact Form.
Responsive in all modern devices.
Email Accounts.
Google Analytics.
Social Media Integration.
*Free domain with Hosting Package. (Dont forget to read the guide here regarding choosing right Domain name and Hosting package that sutes you and your business)only required for online POS

1st Training: 5000tk (2 hours max).
2nd Training: 2500 taka / per hour

Payment Procedure:
70% advance payment for POS (Point of sale) SOFTWARE.
30% due payment within three days after complete the full project.
The client must provide all content with the work order.

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