school management system


Completely user friendly backend functionalities. We use multimedia based metrics with turnkey networks. Our School Management System aims to manage students, teachers, and administrative data.
This system looks after the day to day administration, attendance management, time-table, enrolment, and many other services.

The positive features of this system are that it can use by any school, college, or university. The school management system is very beneficial, and it brings together the administration, students, parents, and teachers under one single platform. It helps in decreasing the paperwork of your institute, which they have to manage every day. It benefits teachers, students, and parents as they can keep track of the school’s ongoing activities.

Our school management system cover learning, administration, and management activities. It manages all the schools’ elements, including students, courses, exams, teachers, and employees. Our school data manager can include custom fields for student data and can support any data formats that your institute uses. This software can manage all forms of educational institutes efficiently.

Simple and straight forward school management system pricing plans for any school size. No hidden charges, no extra fees plus FREE setup.

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Package start from 30,000tk
include with max 5 Pages
1 Year Free Domain Name* (check your desier domain name if its still avilable)
Control Panel to Manage Contents
max hundred accounts

All our package includes:
Basic Search Engine Submission.
Google Map Integration.
Logo Design.
Live chat Option.
Standard Contact Form.
Responsive in all modern devices.
Email Accounts.
Google Analytics.
Social Media Integration.
*Free domain with Hosting Package. (Dont forget to read the guide here regarding choosing right Domain name and Hosting package that sutes you and your business)

1st Training: 5000tk (2 hours max).
2nd Training: 2500 taka / per hour

Payment Procedure:
70% advance payment for school management system.
30% due payment within three days after complete the full project.
The client must provide all content with the work order.

A school management system helps to efficiently communicate, with the support of technologies. Everybody is connected through mobile apps or web apps, and any info that has to be passed may quickly send using Chats/SMS. This avoids a significant number of telephone phone calls and also saves time.

School Management system software has distinct modules for inventory management. It can manage hostels, libraries, school buses, etc. in the simplicity of several clicks. Implementing a school management system will primarily reduce the time and effort for inventory management.

The system allows you to monitor the route of the vehicle, the odometer, even schedule maintenance for the vehicle. With a guaranteed supervision of the vehicle, school staffs can easily manage it and adds parent’s confidence in the school because their children’s safety is a part of the school management regulation.

The students have their personal information and their academic records in the future in one data base. They can access it any time, even after they graduate. Additionally, the system minimizes mistakes due to human error, lost or duplicated documents.

The school management system connects school and parents directly. It informs the parents the development and students’ learning progress because parents won’t have time to gradually check their kids’ progress in the school.

Some schools have a store that sells items such as school supplies, uniforms, or books. A good inventory management helps the school inform the available stocks, items that are about to run out, and create purchase order requests automatically.

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