Send SMS with Your Company Name

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SMS with Your Company Name

Are you a Politician, Social Worker or Company? want to wish your supporters/co-worker or clients.

Our messaging platform offers you the choice of either using your mobile number, a shared number in our system, or an alphanumeric name such as your business name. Eg. VertigoSourcing.

Vertigo Sourcing is a dynamic and assorted company of business persons with a vision to provide tailor-made IT solutions under one roof. We take pride in our collaborative method in taking any idea related to an IT project from planning through to implementation and performance. We are committed to providing excellent web designing services, IT solutions for many years in the United Kingdom, United state and Bangladesh. We are committed to delivering the maximum value to our clients helping them succeed in a constantly changing and challenging biz world.

Our fundamental company values stem from understanding that the success of clients is tied to our success. Our products Domain name Registration, Unlimited hosting spaces, Website Design, SEO, downloads, Event Management, Photography, Online Marketing, Affiliate

Imagine there are powerful sales tools which you could use to boost sales. Clear old stock, drive foot traffic, build your store image, and improve your customer retention. Imagine this amazing tool costs you hardly anything and is simple to use. And then imagine you already owned this incredibly valuable asset and it was sitting right in front of you every day, waiting to be unleashed.

The SMS caller ID is who the SMS message appears to be sent from, and with SMS if you can customise your messages with various options depending on your individual messaging requirements.

Customized SMS/VMS options to help you build your business, Set a custom Sender ID to be sent with your SMS messages, Your SMS Sender ID can turn a simple SMS message into a powerful branding tool. Contact us for Price list