Unlimited Disk Space

Unlimited Disk Space

Unlimited Disk Space in Shared Website Hosting
Using our shared website hosting plans, you’ll never worry about hard disk storage. While most companies make accounts
on a single server and at some time all the server disk space is being used, we’ve used a cloud hosting platform in
which the files, e-mail messages and the databases are handled by independent clusters of servers. By doing this, each
and every machine performs better because just a single type of processes is functioning on it, and the hdd storage is
virtually limitless as we will always connect additional servers or hard disks to the cluster, depending on whether we
need additional processing power or extra space.

Free SEO

,You will never experience a position
where you can’t upload more files as there is no free hdd space on your server, that is an issue you can experience with
many other providers. When you use our website hosting services, you can rest assured that deficiency of space won’t be
an issue for the growth of your sites.

Free Templates

100+ free blog/CMS skins to select from

Within the Control Panel you can find a many free web site templates for your WordPress
weblog or Joomla web
site. Just search through the website themes, choose the one that you like and then download it on your computer
with a single mouse click. If you make use of the one–click Web App Installer
tool to set up Joomla or WordPress, you will see the web themes listed in the final stage of the installation
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