Web design Company excellent offer 2020

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Another year has reached an end, which was not pleasant for many.

Web design Company offer 2020

The Corona epidemic has made the world more technology-dependent. Bangladesh is not far behind.

It is not Facebook or YouTube, only a platform for the promotion of your business. The most trustworthy platform is your web sites.

That is why big or small organizations have used technology. Websites, e-commerce, school management, shop management, customer relationship management, various online and offline software, and realized the needs.

Online exposure is now an essential issue globally and in the local market, especially during this epidemic, which all traders have realized.
To contribute to this country’s social development, Vertigo Sourcing has come up with an excellent offer.

You can get your website for only 10 thousand Taka.

Everything in this package:
Your domain name registration.Web hosting service.Web design service.SSL certificate.

Your domain name registration

Vertigo Sourcing will register your domain name for one year.

Web hosting service

Vertigo Sourcing will provide a Web Host for one year.

Web design service

You can choose your choice’s web design from some (500+ demo) of our pre-design websites.

SSL Certificate

SSL is used to block sensitive information sent across the Internet, encrypting all your data so that only the intended recipient can access it.


  • There will be a maximum of five pages.
  • All our website designs are Responsive (presentable on any size device).
  • We offer you a free partial change twice a year.
  • You will get all these services for only TK 10,000 for a year.
  • From next year the renewal fee will be only TK 5,000/year.
  • There are no hidden costs.

Customers will get this opportunity only for This December because of the three major holidays in Bangladesh, Victory days, Christmas, and New year.

This offer will end on the 31st of December 2020.

As a good web design company and web development company, Vertigo Sourcing has pleased its customers for many years.

We don’t just look at web design. Each of our web designs uses secure coding. As a result, customer and user information are safe.

Useful secure coding websites readily accepted by renowned search engines like google, bing.

As a web development company, Vertigo Sourcing is very popular with its customers. We always strive to expand our customer’s business.

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. This is something that Vertigo Sourcing has been doing as a web design company for a long time.

Below are links to some of our satisfied customers who have been with us for many years.

web design company
Pasha eShop | Bestrateon | Optionone

Many web development companies offer free sites from the Internet to their customers, so beware of them as you are losing money and wasting your time.

From this site below, you can know the history of any website. Don’t forget to check it out before you work with the company.

Online services are an essential part of the developed world. Bangladesh is moving towards a developing country, but why are you lagging?

By accepting this attractive offer, you can also join the global and local markets.

We take your feedback very seriously. Let us know your opinion on any of the social links below.

Maybe you have made your website or are thinking of doing it in the future, but someone close to you may need the offer now.

So don’t forget to share. Someone close to you may benefit from this share of yours.

As a web design company, we work in a concise range of years and provide our customers with full service. So contact us today—Vertigo Sourcing, a web design company, and development company for your web design.

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